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Promotion of the 3Rs and partnership in Asia - the trend in the international community and role of citizens

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Reporting Session (2 Dec): Promotion of the 3Rs and partnership in Asia - the trend in the international community and role of citizens

 In recent years, the lifestyle based on 'mass production, mass consumption and mass disposal' has spread due to rapid economic growth in countries of Asia, accelerating the global-scale depletion of natural resources and climate change. Asian citizens also face common challenges, such as appropriate management and overstraining of final waste disposal facilities, and health problems related to inappropriate intermediate treatment or recycling of waste.

 In order to build sustainable societies in Asia by promoting the 3Rs, 'the Regional 3R Forum in Asia' was founded last autumn upon the collaboration among a wide range of actors including the governments of Asian countries, international institutions, aid organizations, the private sector, research institutions and NGOs.

 The second meeting of the Forum was held in Malaysia this October. Four members of Japanese NGOs participated as observers and organized an NGO forum as a side event.

 How should the international community be promoting the 3Rs towards the long-term and fair use of limited resources on Earth and construction of low-carbon, green societies and economies? And what are the roles of citizens and partnership? We would like to think about these questions with you through this reporting session.

[Date / Time] Thursday 2 December 2010 / 18:30-20:30

[Venue] The Environmental Partnership Office meeting room (Aoyama, Tokyo)


1) The 3Rs initiative and Regional 3R Forum in Asia

Keiko Ohmori (Head of the Office of Sound Material-Cycle Society, Ministry of the Environment)

2) The meeting in Malaysia through the eyes of NGOs

Ayako Fujii (Asia 3R Citizens Network, NPO Nanohana Project Network), Yuko Sakita (NPO GENKI Net for Creating a Sustainable Society)

3) The NGO Forum report

Ryoko Seguchi (FoE Japan)

4) Questions and discussion

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[Contact] FoE Japan - Waste and 3Rs Policy Section

TEL: 03-6907-7217 / E-mail:

[Organizers] Asia 3R Citizens Network, FoE Japan, NPO GENKI Net for Creating a Sustainable Society and NPO Nanohana Project Network

[Supporter] Ministry of the Environment

Towards a zero-waste Asia - Japan Conference of Asia 3R Citizens Forum takes place

 On 4 September 2010, 'the Asia 3R Citizens Forum Japan Conference' was held in Tokyo with the objectives of sharing the importance of 3R practices in our lives and regions, and of gathering the knowledge and opinions of citizens to build sustainable societies in collaboration with governments and businesses.

 A Statement was produced taking into consideration the discussion which took place in the Japan Conference, and presented at the Regional 3R Forum in Asia held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on 4-6 October 2010.

→Summary of the Japan Conference is here

→The Statement is here