Asia 3R Citizen’s Forum 2011 in Singapore (2011)
Citizen’s partnership towards zero waste Asia

An NGO forum was held as a side event of the official high level meeting of the Asia 3R Network.

General Information

Date / Time: Thursday 6 October 2011 9:00~13:00
Venue: Turquoise/Onyx Room. Sheraton Towers, Singapore


Singapore Environmental Council (SEC) and Asia 3R Citizen’s Network
Co-chair: Jose Raymond, Executive Director, SEC and Fujii Ayako, Representative, Asia 3R Citizen’s Network
From Singapore, Jose Raymond, Executive Director, Lee Peng Hon, Deputy Director (SEC), Helmy Sarpan (Conservation International), Michael Totten, Senior Advisor (Environment Challenge Organization) Maxime Richer (Manager of School Outreach Ave Life) Tan Zhong Yi (Operations Hemispheres Foundation), Ann Phua (Waterways Watch) Eugene Heng
From Japan, Asia 3R Citizen’s Network, Nanohana Project Network, GENKI Net for Creating a Sustainable Society, FoE Japan, Asia Waste Watch, The Fujisan Club and Chubu Recycle Citizen’s Organization.


Part1. Opening
1) Greeting from Jose Raymond, co-chair, SEC
2) Sharing background –Asia 3R Citizen’s Forum 2009&2010
3) Introduction of the attendants

Part2. Local reports about the current recycle policy and management system and our agenda
1) Singapore; Ms. Yang Hong (Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources)
2) Japan; Yuko Sakita (Asia 3R Citizen’s Network)
3) Q&A

Part3. NGO’s activity reports
1) Conservation International (Singapore)
2) Environmental Challenge Organization (Singapore)
3) Fujisan Club (Japan)
4) Chubu Recycle Citizen’s Organization (Japan)
5) FoE Japan (Japan)
6) Asia Waste Watch (Japan)

[Coffee break]

Part4. Discussion: Over the mass consumption, mass disposal and mass recyle



Background of Asia 3R Citizen’s Forum

Singapore’s Waste Challenges, Management and Waste Minimization Strategies

Waste Management Policy, Systems & Challenges in Japan– The Role of NGOs

Fujisan Club

Chubu Recycle Citizen’s Organization

FoE Japan

Asia Waste Watch